Wednesday, August 31, 2005



(DELL 6108BL01)

by Howard E. Morseburg

Listen, my dear readers, to this story I'll tell,
'bout a Dell-vil computer that made my life Hell.
It's a story that may bring a tear to your eye,
Or wish to hang yourself from a rafter on high.
With its' Windows ME, I've been nailed to the Cross,
It hangs 'round my neck like a dead albatross.
I've suffered from mistakes by Corporate Dell,
When that firm sent me that computer from Hell.

It had a Dell-vilish fickle mind of its' own;
I've had every problem for which MEs been known.
MSIMN WILL NOW CLOSE it says once again,
LEXPLORER WILL NOW gives me great pain.
Time and again my efforts are blocked...
Because Windows ME has once again locked.
RESTART YOUR COMPUTER; for a minute...all's well,
But again it locks up, that computer from Hell.

Our trusted friend, WINDOWS, is blamed for this sin;
It's like fighting a war when the enemy's within!
As eighty years approaches and life's ending draws nigh,
My last wish is a computer that works...'fore I die,
One that's dependable as one ever can be,
One that's not suffering from Windows sickly ME!
Three years I have suffered, like Saddam's torture cell,
Trying to make sense of that computer from Hell.

Three years of frustration, for three years I have sworn,
Where there wasn't a cuss-word, a new one was born.
They told me I should uninstall Microsoft's M E,
Then re-install the same thing that's troubling me!
If I were Mister Michael, I'd sure die of shame,
That such a computer bore the family name.
I've taken the time to write Michael Dell,
Complaining to him 'bout that computer from Hell.

(I've checked the mailbox daily that's in front of my home.
But there's not been an answer, hence I wrote them this poem.)

Copyright 5/29/04 H.E.Morseburg

(NOTE:This poem refers to Dell Computer: 6108BL01. Any similarity to other products with Windows ME might be much more than coincidental. In fact, it might possibly be endemic, but I have only suspicions and personal reports, but no exhaustive pages of technical data nor polls to substantiate them. I can only testify to my own experience, and that of friends. My Windows ME program bears the following code: GTBKG FYYD7 YGGOG 997VE 9NCDC.
Other users have given me many negative reports, and some very knowledgeable ones have recommended I go back to Windows 98, which they claim is much, much, much more dependable.)

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