Friday, September 02, 2005


I met a lady-friend at the market today,
So we stopped and chatted 'fore going on our way,
We discussed the hot weather, then some mutual friends,
You know how such things go before the talking ends.
Then she brought up a subject that really rang my bell;
She had recently bought a computer from Dell!
I said, "I guess you're up to date with Windows XP,
So you're happy with your Dell as anyone can be!"
“Well, that's what you'd think,” she said with a frown,
“But while I'd like to be writing, my computer's still down.
The keyboard just won't work, the plug-in doesn't match,
It seems they sent one from a 1999 batch.
And talking to Texas, they can't get it right,
So now I'm involved in the nastiest fight."
It seems she had faith in the ads run by Dell,
But now she's got one of those Computers from Hell.
I soon bid her ‘good day’, and I rushed home to write;
I now had a topic for a new poem tonight!


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