Saturday, September 03, 2005

(Ode to Michael Dell #14)
I have some special news for you,
What do you think that Dell would do?
Do you think that they'd have the gall
In each computer to install

Spyware so that they might find
Whether you've had a change of mind
And changed awful Windows ME,
Replaced it with Windows XP?

Improving your Computer from Hell,
Bearing the name of Texan Dell!
You may find you've spyware within
Or I belong in the looney bin.

I may be wrong, but I suspect
Spyware hidden if you but check.
Or else crafted...a timely mine
To cause problems that'll prove devine.

The Messenger comes straight from Hell,
Could it be from MS or Dell?
Three years I've had of suffering
And now they threaten buffering!

It affects all, just wait and see,
Except that shameful ol' ME.
Am I about to lose my work
Because I think that he's a jerk.
He stuck me with a program which...
Makes me think he's one son-of-a-????


Sitting in his strong room while he counted his gold,
Fourteen billion was there, that's the total we're told.
His mansion overlooking the valley below,
His opulence, his treasures continue to grow.

He lives like a king, fourteen billion he's worth?
He can brag he's one of the richest men on earth.
But his wealth isn't deserved, some men can complain,
For his Dell products aren't living up to his name.


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