Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I'll do a new poem each week for ol' Michael Dell,
The CEO who brags that he knows how to sell,
List' Michael, it's an easy decision to make,
Just tell your guys to quickly rectify this mistake.
I'm just wasting my time with this Windows ME,
You owe me a Dimension with new Windows XP!
Every few minutes a "Windows will now close,"
To tell you the truth, it's a real pain up my...nose.
Windows ME was the worst program from Bill Gates,
And like a virus its spread through all fifty states.
Like a tire with a bubble, it'll never be right,
I know there were millions like me in the same plight,
With Windows ME, Dell has given us the shaft.
I know where it belongs..and up to the haft!
It's not fair to cheat people with Windows ME,
And cheated they are, when it won't work properly!
I'd like to think well of the CEO at Dell,
But how can I when I've this Computer from Hell?
"Lexplore will now close" four times has popped up on screen,
While writing this last verse, then erases it clean.
Some gibberish appears, words that mean nothing to me,
That's just one more day with Windows complexity.
Oh to leg-chain this computer to Michael Dell,
And his sentence? "Life with that Computer from Hell

Saturday, September 03, 2005

(Ode to Michael Dell #14)
I have some special news for you,
What do you think that Dell would do?
Do you think that they'd have the gall
In each computer to install

Spyware so that they might find
Whether you've had a change of mind
And changed awful Windows ME,
Replaced it with Windows XP?

Improving your Computer from Hell,
Bearing the name of Texan Dell!
You may find you've spyware within
Or I belong in the looney bin.

I may be wrong, but I suspect
Spyware hidden if you but check.
Or else crafted...a timely mine
To cause problems that'll prove devine.

The Messenger comes straight from Hell,
Could it be from MS or Dell?
Three years I've had of suffering
And now they threaten buffering!

It affects all, just wait and see,
Except that shameful ol' ME.
Am I about to lose my work
Because I think that he's a jerk.
He stuck me with a program which...
Makes me think he's one son-of-a-????


Sitting in his strong room while he counted his gold,
Fourteen billion was there, that's the total we're told.
His mansion overlooking the valley below,
His opulence, his treasures continue to grow.

He lives like a king, fourteen billion he's worth?
He can brag he's one of the richest men on earth.
But his wealth isn't deserved, some men can complain,
For his Dell products aren't living up to his name.

Friday, September 02, 2005


I’m sorry that you seem to feel,
That I had time that you could steal.
I’m sorry, but down deep inside,
I feel I’ve been taken for a ride.
For when you steal my time from me,
You are not dealing honestly,
The product that should work so well,
Is El Crappo, and made by Dell.
Now, why should I blame Michael Dell,
For this damn Computer from Hell.
They have a saying, Michael dear,
For CEOs, The Buck Stops Here!
For when a man sends out his name,
He shouldn’t play that age-old game.
For in that name one puts his trust,
Then finds it’s little more than dust.


I met a lady-friend at the market today,
So we stopped and chatted 'fore going on our way,
We discussed the hot weather, then some mutual friends,
You know how such things go before the talking ends.
Then she brought up a subject that really rang my bell;
She had recently bought a computer from Dell!
I said, "I guess you're up to date with Windows XP,
So you're happy with your Dell as anyone can be!"
“Well, that's what you'd think,” she said with a frown,
“But while I'd like to be writing, my computer's still down.
The keyboard just won't work, the plug-in doesn't match,
It seems they sent one from a 1999 batch.
And talking to Texas, they can't get it right,
So now I'm involved in the nastiest fight."
It seems she had faith in the ads run by Dell,
But now she's got one of those Computers from Hell.
I soon bid her ‘good day’, and I rushed home to write;
I now had a topic for a new poem tonight!

Thursday, September 01, 2005



Please, take a letter Miss Jones, to Mr. Bill Gates,
Regarding: ME’s forty Critical Updates.
And please send a copy to my friend, Michael Dell,
The guy who stuck me with that Computer from Hell.
Tell him it just froze up again the other night,
Installing a Critical Update that just wasn’t right.
Just to have a Program that works, such foolish dreams,
Instead, it’s a patchwork quilt coming apart at the seams.

I’ve no degree as a Computer Engineer,
I’m a simple guy, one who enjoys a cold beer,
Who likes to send emails to a nephew or friend,
And surfing the Internet’s marvels without end,
For such simple joys, shouldn’t a computer be
Easy to use and virtually trouble free?
But then, I get this damn Dimension from Dell,
That I’ve finally named, the Computer from Hell.

I’ve been thinking of calling one segment…Outhouse Express,
Because when it locks up, it’s such a stinking mess,
My car gives me less trouble and it’s twelve years old,
While in three years Windows ME is ready to fold
It’s no longer supported by Gate’s company?
‘Cause they’ve too many problems with Windows ME?
Twelve hundred I paid for that Dimension from Dell,
But then what I got was a Computer from Hell!

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When up comes that message, LEXPLORE WILL NOW CLOSE.
Don't sit there, speechless, just picking your nose.
Get it out of your system, swear a bit,
Because you know Dell doesn't give a s***!
There's only one remedy left to you,
Just do what I'm a'telling you to do.
Yes, it's time that we gathered to rebel.
Sit down and write letters to Michael Dell!
It’s not the computer, it’s what’s inside,
You'd think that Dell execs would have some pride,
'Cause their computer's unstable as can be...
A lame-brained decision: "Install ME!"
No matter the patches, it’ll never be right,
So join in with us, let’s stand up and fight.
Fair warning to you, my friend, Michael Dell,
We’re ready, we’re going to ring your bell!